Impossible Bosses

Secret Strategies to Deal with 8 Archetypal Managers
de Vivienne Lawack (Auteur), Hanlie Lizette Wessels (Auteur), Robert Craig (Auteur)
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Difficult managers can obstruct your professional growth by hiding corporate ladders and trapping you in an invisible cage.

Using different psychological profiling systems, the authors identify eight archetypal characters who create uniquely challenging situations at work, including Ms Say-Me (the competitive control freak), Mr Tumbleweed (the indecisive worrier), Ms Crosswire (the disorganised people schmoozer), Mr Make-Up (the seemingly nice manipulator) and their four demanding friends.

You’ll learn about their key character traits and why they act the way they do. Best of all, you’ll learn secret strategies for mitigating the impact of an impossible boss on your work experience and how to communicate your ideas to them.

This book offers practical tips for how to rapidly take back control of your career and navigate tricky situations. A coach in your pocket, Impossible Bosses shows you how to manage your manage.

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Date de publication
27 juin 2022
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