Coyote Catfish

de Stancik,Eric (Autor)
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The Coyote Catfish legacy is a journey that will take you through the ins and outs of country living. Most of the characters were developed based on my family members and other family friends and the animals around the ranch that we grew up with. Coyote Catfish's name was comprised from three animals that reminded me of my relatives. I utilized these three sources to develop Coyote Catfish's name. Many of the other characters in the book were based upon people we knew. Coyote Catfish is a do-it-yourself handyman that can fix anything with a piece of duct tape and a stick of bubblegum. Everyone around town comes to Coyote when they need work done. Coyote can do it all, and he loves cutting firewood and painting. In this book, there are many stories that show you how Coyote operates. He loves camping and hiking, and he is a renowned and world-class fisherman, in his opinion of course. And boy does Coyote have some interesting friends. This small book contains many short stories of Coyote's comings and goings with things like taking the train and playing guitar in his own bluegrass band. He also loves to play baseball and runs in the county marathon each year to raise money for the less fortunate. There is even a story about a two-week camping trip Coyote goes on where he meets a very interesting yet peculiar character named Clarence Cactus the Third. Well, Coyote and Clarence undergo a rigorous game of chess, and even though Coyote is really quite skilled, Clarence proves to be a worthy competitor. It turns out to be quite the debacle. I really think your children will enjoy these short stories and poems. I know how smart children can be, and my stories allow for the parents to get involved intellectually. I have put my heart into these projects and wrote them for the children to entice them and to get their mental gears turning. I hope your children do enjoy them.

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10 de junio de 2022
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