Lord, Where Are They Now?

di Harris,Danielle (Autore)
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Follow Destiny as she goes through her daily toddler life with her two trusty dogs. Every day, Sam and Hank are frolicking with Destiny as she explores nature, until Hank becomes sick. Destiny must go through a big change in her life that she never knew could happen. Luckily, she has her mom, dad, and Sam to help guide her and hold her hand through it. During this journey, Destiny teaches her parents how to heal and find a new normal while trusting God at the same time. They always taught Destiny that there is a purpose for everything, and God controls it all. Little did they know that in her young years, she really held on to that and will show them just what it is to stand on God's promises and trusting His timing. As they approach having to make the tough decision of letting go, Destiny surprises them with her own prayer where she asks the question, "Lord where are they now?" She understood that we all have a time to go, but she doesn't find it fair. She wants Lord to answer her question because she doesn't understand why her best friend had to go home.

To everyone's surprise, Lord answered her back with the sweetest answer that gave her strength and understanding. She wiped her eyes and shared the answer. That night, they slept well and woke up refreshed, but with a little bit of a heavy heart, until they see something in the sky that puts a smile on their face because it just confirms what Lord told Destiny the night before.

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10 giugno 2022
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