Cory's Tales

Children's Stories from God's Creation
by Barton,Coralyn "Cory" (Author)
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Cory's Tales is a collection of charming stories about lovable creatures from God's creation that help teach Katie and Jeffrey principles and values as they face challenges in their young lives. Along the way, they meet Silly Millie Moose, Peter Proud Peacock, Flash the Firefly, and many others. Cory's Tales is not merely a book of stories but a tool to help parents instill the Christian principles and values of obedience, self-esteem, kindness, compassion, temperament, trust, and faith in their own children's lives as they enjoy the adventures and antics of these endearing characters."Cory Barton writes with a light, easy manner that will capture the attention of every adult and child reading this treasured collection of children's stories. In the spirit of Aesop's Fables and Lessons from Nature for Youth, each story clearly presents a moral lesson with a clearly Christian worldview."Dr. Tim Schmig, Executive Director, Michigan Association of Christian Schools

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June 10, 2022
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