Summary of Lawrence Wright's The Looming Tower

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 Qutb was a writer and educator in Egypt who experienced a crisis of faith when he saw the West approaching Egypt’s borders. He was Western in so many ways, and yet he still felt like an alien in his own country.

#2 Qutb had a difficult relationship with his mother, who was extremely conservative. He had a difficult time finding a wife who would match his mother’s conservative values. He was unable to find a suitable bride from the dishonorable women who allowed themselves to be seen in public.

#3 In the midst of the most prosperous holiday season in American history, Qutb walked through the streets of New York City and was appalled by the contrast between the two cities.

#4 New York was a city of many cultures, and it was also a miserable place. But it was a place where people could start over, and it was hopeful.

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