Little Book of Qi

Energy for Life
by Janet Seaforth (Author)
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Little Book of Qi is written for anyone who wants to know more about the mysterious energy known as Qi and how to enhance it through Qigong and Tai Chi practice. The author connects insights developed by ancient Taoists, hermits, healers, and warriors for over thousands of years. The book includes Buddhist teaching, feminism, and modern scientific understanding of ourselves and the universe. Janet shares memories of her own journey as a Tai Chi student growing in her practice. Her stories take us into the exciting time at the nexus of the women’s movement and the development of the martial arts on the west coast when women took their place as teachers and warriors. Janet includes simple Qigong practices that allow the reader to experience the principles she teaches in each chapter. These pracitces are healing and restorative. They strengthen the body, calm the mind, and lighten the spirit.

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Publication date
June 06, 2022
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