India-Pakistan: The History of Unsolved Conflicts: Volume I

by Lars Blinkenberg (Author)
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When the British withdrew from India in 1947, two new states were created, India and Pakistan. Ever since there has been near permanent conflict between the two, breaking out in to all-out war on three occasions. The main point of contention in this conflict is the area of Kashmir, which both parties lay claim to. This study offers a comprehensive historical and political evaluation of the unfolding crisis, in a way that is approachable for anyone with a keen interest in the political, without needing any previous knowledge.

Lars Blinkenberg (1931-) a law graduate from Aarhus University in Denmark, as well as a student of Law and Political Science at Cambridge is a man who has dedicated himself to the foreign services. He has served with Danish embassies in London and New Delhi as a counsellor before rising to Ambassador to Venezuela (81-86), Nigeria (92-96) and Syria (96-99). He is a man with a wealth of experience of international politics and conflict.

Publication date
June 21, 2022
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