Yarn Spinning Handbook

Yarn Spinning Handbook

A Hand Spinning Guide for Spinners to Learn How to Spin the Wheel or Spindle with Wool Fiber to Create Yarn Designs Plus Tools, and Supplies Included
by zera meyer (Author)
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A Beginner Spinner Guide For Learning The Intricacies of Spinning Wool Fiber Into Yarns

Spinning is an ancient technique that is gaining popularity among contemporary crafters. It allows them to create distinctive, personalized, and uncommon yarns that may be utilized in modern crocheting, knitting, weaving, and embroidery, to mention but a few. It's an incredibly creative technique that's also simple to master by anyone.

This book, Yarn Spinning Handbook, takes a newbie on an adventurous journey in the art of spinning across what they need to take active steps, with step-by-step instructions included.

This book covers a range of learning points such as:

  • An explanation of the yarn spinning process

  • The tools and supplies (e.g., spindles, spinning wheels, fibers, etc.) to get started, their mode of operation, and how to choose the right tools and supplies for spinning

  • How to spin wool fiber into yarn using a drop spindle

  • How to spin wool fiber into yarn using a spinning wheel

  • How to pre-draft and draft wool fibers to produce yarn consistency

  • How to ply your yarn, using the 2-ply and Navajo/ chain ply technique as well resolving yarn plying problems

  • The methods to finish your handspun yarns (winding, washing/ steaming, drying, and twisting for later use in crocheting, weaving, knitting, etc.)

  • Troubleshooting yarn spinning problems

  • Tips for maintaining the spinning wheel

And a whole lot more!

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Publication date
April 22, 2022
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