Little Oliver Goes to School

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Little Oliver Goes to School is an adorable children's book that tells about the first time the main character, Little Oliver, prepares for school and the heartfelt and hilarious events that lead up to his very first day of kindergarten.

Little Oliver introduces his whole family and all of his animal friends as well. He, and only he, can communicate with these animals and understand them when they talk. No one else. The animals get into all kinds of funny situations and add a lot of humor to the story.

The book explains all of the emotions from anxiousness to excitement that Little Oliver feels about his first day of school and the craziness that his animal buddies put him through while he's trying to organize everything in his bookbag the day before kindergarten starts. It also tells about the true love and encouragement that his mommy, daddy, sister, and brother give him to build up Little Oliver's confidence. But inevitably, everything is up to Little Oliver to experience and conquer.

The main character, Little Oliver, is based on my youngest son, Cody, who, along with his sister and big brother, have given me the courage to accomplish writing this Little Oliver series.

My hope is that Little Oliver will become a best buddy that your child can refer to as they experience new things for the first time, no matter how scary or difficult they may seem.

As you are reading Little Oliver Goes to School to your child, I hope that it helps them to better understand what kindergarten is all about, and that after seeing what Little Oliver experiences, it may give them the courage and confidence that they may be looking for to help them conquer any fears and answer any questions that they may have about the many new things they're going to learn and all of the new friends that they are going to make. I hope that your child will become "best buddies" with Little Oliver and that they know that as long as they have faith in God, confidence in themselves, also love and respect for themselves, their family, friends, animals, and others, that everything will be just fine.


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3 juin 2022
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