Summary of Hugh L. Mills, Jr. & Robert A. Anderson's Low Level Hell

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The scout and gun team would check the highway up to An Loc, and the scout would check the area near the highway. One night, I saw two dark brown eyes staring up at me from a hole dug into the ground. I flew over the area and saw footprints leading to a drainage ditch that stretched for nearly a mile.

#2 The head of the convoy was just seconds away from an ambush when the Loach pilot flew right into it. The enemy opened fire on the convoy, and Parker and the helicopter pilot flew right through it.

#3 The battle between Charlie and the convoy continued with ferocity. The enemy’s RPGs did the most damage. Once a vehicle was disabled with rocket fire, the automatic weapons would open fire. The key was to break free of the killing zone and accelerate out of the ambush area.

#4 I made my first pass from south to north right down on the deck ten to fifteen yards out from the highway. I keyed Sinor with a report that the enemy force had been severely damaged. I saw forty to fifty bodies strewn around, many body parts, and numerous blood trails and drag marks.

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