Summary of Arthur Gould Lee's No Parachute

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The Battle of Arras, which began on April 9th, 1917, saw an advance of four miles at a cost of 160,000 casualties. The battle should have ended in May, but was prolonged for three weeks to help the French.

#2 The British pilots were losing their advantage to the German pilots, who had better planes and more guns. The British pilots were being replaced too quickly, and the German pilots were receiving too many offers of prey.

#3 I was at the Pool at the Depot, together with some of the fellows from Portmeadow who crossed the Channel on Wednesday. I sent just an I’m here postcard from the Hotel Folkestone at Boulogne, where we were billeted.

#4 I was assigned to ferry B. E. 2es to No 2 A. D. I had not flown a Quirk for months, and when I took off, I saw the nasty flat-spin crash that I perpetrated at Filton in my mind’s eye, but everything went well. I felt proud that I was a Sherwood Forester.

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