The Secret of The Science of Getting Rich

Change Your Beliefs About Success and Money to Create The Life You Want
by Bob Proctor (Author), Sandy Gallagher (Author)
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So often we make the mistake of committing our lives and our time to empty activities – with only small glimpses of satisfaction and fulfillment. 

  • Are you tired of wishing and hoping for a lot more money?
  • What is stopping you from earning the amount of money that you really want to earn? 
  • Do you want more out of life but aren’t sure what it is? 
  • Do you have a specific goal but don’t know how to achieve it? 
  • What keeps people stuck year after year? 
  • How and when does earning money become easy

Getting rich is an exact science. There are certain laws that govern it, and once you learn and comply with those laws, getting rich is a mathematical certainty.

Bob Proctor studied the mind, paradigms, and the universal laws of money for over sixty years. There is no one better than Bob to teach you the secret behind the Wallace Wattles book, The Science of Getting Rich. He has reduced the most complicated concepts from that classic into its simplest form. The Secret of the Science of Getting Rich will give you many practical ways to apply the concepts to your life—starting today. But first, you must believe that you can attract anything you want in life.

So you must ask yourself: “What do I want? What do I really, really want?”

Discover your purpose and then apply the actual science behind The Science of Getting Rich. The secret to wealth will help you get unstuck and achieve continual forward momentum towards your dreams.

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June 21, 2022
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