Soft Skills for Kids

In Schools, at Home, and Online
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Children today are going through a lot—they are busy with school, involved in extracurricular activities, and trying to navigate the world of COVID and other concerns. Teachers and parents are busy too—with work, school, and parenting activities. How will they have the time to teach valuable skills such as manners and respect to children? These are “soft skills”; the skills necessary to work with others and be a respected and valuable citizen in the workplace of tomorrow. Soft Skills for Kids: In Schools, at Home, and Online, 2nd Edition, focuses on ways that teachers and parents can work together to teach soft skills to the children in their lives. This book is not a curriculum program or set of lessons to help children, but rather a series of “teachable moments” in which adults teach strategies to children as they happen. Finally, as the education of children has changed recently due to the pandemic with an increased number of children learning online, this book will be a great resource for how adults can work together to help children learn soft skills—in schools, at home, and online.

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May 11, 2022
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