The New Teaching of History

by H. G. Wells (Author)
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‘The New Teaching of History’ represents a collection of essays written by Wells to address criticism of his seminal work ‘The Outline of History’, in which he covered the entire human existence up to the First World War. It is a fascinating insight in to the mind and methodology of the legendary author as he defines how he came to his conclusions. It is excellent reading for any fans of Wells as well as readers fascinated by the near future.

H.G Wells (1866-1946) is known as ‘The father of Science Fiction’, for the profound impact he has had on the genre. In his time he predicted aircraft, tanks, nuclear weapons space travel and even the world wide web. Forever forward looking, he devoted his talents to a progressive vision on a global scale. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature on four occasions, and as such maintains a central role in the canon of British and world-wide literature. Some of his best work includes the time travel novel ‘The Time Machine’, the sci-fi adventure ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’ , and ‘The War of the Worlds’, which was adapted in to a film starring Tom Cruise.

Publication date
June 13, 2022
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