Summary of Arlan Hamilton & Rachel L. Nelson's It's About Damn Time

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 If you have no money, you must become the asset. You must become not just valuable but undeniably indispensable. And the way to do that is through having more knowledge about your corner of the world than anyone else.

#2 As a founder or an aspiring founder, it is important to talk to people who have been in your shoes. Gather data, assess it, and analyze it to see how others have handled similar situations.

#3 I became the money, and I became the attraction. My mind, my information, and my brain trust became the assets. I was able to provide people with bits of information that they could use to save months of research time and tens of thousands of dollars.

#4 I got into touring when I was twenty-one. I was working at a bank doing ten-key-by-touch check encoding, which is exactly as boring as it sounds. The one good thing about the job was that I could listen to music all day. I came across a Norwegian pop-punk band, and I liked their music. I booked them a multicity summer tour across the country.

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