Summary of M. William Phelps's We Thought We Knew You

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The Yoders had a son, Adam, who was the practice’s full-time office manager. He had a white towel slung over his shoulder as he made his way into the kitchen to rehydrate. His parents had gotten to know his girlfriend, Katie, fairly well as she immersed herself in the daily business of the practice.

#2 The Yoders began to divide their workweek between Mary and Bill, with Katie Conley running the office, and son Adam completely out of the picture. The family was planning to sell the business and travel.

#3 In 2015, the Yoders, who ran a chiropractic practice in the Mohawk Valley, were looking to sell the business. Every time the subject came up, however, the process of selling seemed overwhelming and time consuming.

#4 On July 20, 2015, Mary and Bill Yoder were planning a much-needed, long-awaited vacation to Europe. They had never taken such an extended trip together.

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