Summary of Sasha Stephens's The Effortless Sleep Method

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#1 If you are a long-term sufferer, you will have tried many cures and remedies. In this section, I will describe the standard treatments for insomnia by conventional medicine. I will also suggest why these are often unsuccessful.

#2 The first part of this chapter is devoted to the subject of sleeping pills and you are advised to read it thoroughly. Even if you think you have heard all there is to know about them, you may learn something new.

#3 The more doctors are able to treat severe illness, the more we expect them to cure any problem that may affect our lives. However, in the vast majority of cases, insomnia has no physical cause.

#4 There are three types of sleep: stage 1, which is the first level of sleep and is characterized by the brain moving from drowsy alpha waves to the beginning of theta waves; deep sleep, or slow wave sleep, which is the deepest type of sleep and is characterized by delta brain waves; and REM sleep, in which we dream the most.

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May 28, 2022
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