Summary of Julia Ross's The Diet Cure

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The first step in your Mood Cure is to figure out the difference between false emotions and true ones. True emotions are difficult to take, but they’re vitally important. They typically pass, or diminish naturally, and even when they get repressed or misdirected, they can be relieved through counseling.

#2 When your brain’s emotional equipment needs a tune-up, you get clues: you don’t sleep well, you worry too much, you start feeling overwhelmed, you lose your enthusiasm or your ability to concentrate. You may start depending on chocolate, wine, or marijuana to get some relief.

#3 Your brain is responsible for most of your feelings, both true and false. It transmits these feelings through four specialized and potent kinds of mood molecules. If your brain runs low on these mood transmitters, it stops producing normal emotions on a consistent basis.

#4 I have been a professional dealing with emotional disorders and mood problems since 1975. In 1980, I began to suspect that poor nutrition was playing a role in the cases that did not respond to our intensive programs of psychotherapy and spiritual support.

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