Summary of Meg Meeker's Strong Mothers, Strong Sons

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 If a boy has felt rejection from you, he will believe that other women will reject him as well. He may become afraid of opening his heart to women for fear of being hurt again.

#2 When John was ten years old, his father died of pancreatic cancer. He immediately assumed the role of man of the house and took care of his mother and younger siblings. He was so afraid for them that he couldn’t study or play sports.

#3 As mothers, we want our children to be happy. We rush to quiet their cries when they are infants because we don’t want them to be uncomfortable or sad. When they are first playing sports or going to school, we watch to see how their peers treat them so that we can help if they are rejected or bullied.

#4 When it comes to communicating with our sons, we must remember that they are not always going to want to talk things through. They may see things differently than us, and that can be hard to understand. But we must remember that they need our love and security, and they will always appreciate that.

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