Summary of Edwin S. Grosvenor's The Best of American Heritage

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 Harriet Beecher Stowe was a preacher’s daughter who wrote the book that would become known as Uncle Tom’s Cabin. She was born in 1811, when Lincoln was two years old. She was a happy child, but she never felt at peace with her father’s religion.

#2 When Hattie turned 21, she married Calvin Stowe, a professor at Lane Theological Seminary in Cincinnati. Their marriage was difficult from the start, and Hattie’s health began to fail.

#3 Stowe and her husband, Calvin, were very much in love, but she was constantly traveling and writing, which left him alone with the children. They spent more than three years apart, and their letters speak of strong, troubled feelings.

#4 Stowe left Cincinnati in the spring of 1850, heading for a notoriety of a kind unknown in America before or since. She sailed up the Ohio River to Pittsburgh, where she transferred to a canal boat. At Johnstown, the Allegheny Portage Railroad hoisted the boat and its passengers over the Allegheny Mountains.

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