Beyond Barter

Lectures in Monetary Economics After 'Rethinking'
de John Smithin (Autor)
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The conventional macroeconomic theory of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, based on the assumption that the working of complex monetary economy could be analysed on the same principles as those of barter exchange, has demonstrably failed. This book provides a thorough rethinking of the nature of a monetary economy. It builds upon a complete theory of the domestic and international monetary macro-economy, and of macroeconomic policy for the modern age. Central to the analysis is the idea that a successful market economy requires an endogenous supply of money via the banking system. Therefore to achieve macroeconomic stability, the book proposes the targeting of real interest rates under a regime of flexible exchange rates or 'fixed but adjustable exchange rates' as the main goal of monetary policy, along with a range of innovative fiscal and trade policies to promote economic growth, and thereby achieve full employment and a fair distribution of income.


  • An Introduction to Money
  • Money, Capitalism, and Enterprise
  • A Teachable Macroeconomic Model of 'Modern Capitalism' (aka 'The Method of Enterprise')
  • Comparing Textbook Macroeconomics and the Alternative Monetary Model (AMM)
  • The International Economy, the Balance of Payments, and Exchange Rates
  • Interest Rates, Inflation, and Economic Instability
  • Interest Rates and Income Distribution
  • Numerical Methods and Time Series Econometrics in Monetary Macroeconomics

Readership: Academics, practitioners and policy-makers interested in the fields of macroeconomics, monetary economics and political economy; graduate and undergraduate students, and general public interested in above topics.

Key Features:

  • A unique approach to monetary theory and macroeconomics which will finally achieve Keynes's goal of 'revolutioniz(ing) ... the way the world thinks about economic problems'
  • The analysis is thoroughly grounded in philosophy, economic sociology, the history of economic thought, and political economy, as well as technical monetary theory
  • Based on a series of lectures that the author has given many times on his previous scholarly contribution Rethinking the Theory of Money, Credit and Macroeconomics - at all levels, undergraduate, graduate, at academic conferences and to policy-makers
  • Accessible to a wide audience, at all levels of preparation, without sacrificing academic rigour
  • This book will be of vital interest to academics, practitioners, undergraduate and graduate students, policy-makers and the general public

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21 de abril de 2022
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