Summary of Lawrence M. Principe's The Scientific Revolution

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#1 The Scientific Revolution was the period in European history from the 14th to the 18th centuries when scientists began to question and change traditional beliefs. It was a rich tapestry of interwoven ideas and currents, a noisy marketplace of competing systems and concepts, and a busy laboratory of experimentation in all areas of thought and practice.

#2 The Italian Renaissance was not the first significant flowering of European culture after the 5th-century collapse of Classical civilization. The Carolingian Renaissance, which followed the 8th-century military campaigns of Charlemagne, was the first significant flowering of European culture in the 9th century.

#3 The Muslim world had become heir to ancient Greek knowledge, and they translated it into Arabic and enriched it many times over with new discoveries and ideas. European scholars embarked on a great translation movement in the 12th century, and they translated works of original Arabic authorship and Arabic translations of ancient Greek works.

#4 The 13th century was a time of great cultural activity, but it was also a time of disaster. The first signs of a distinctive Italian Renaissance had begun to appear just before these troubled times.

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