Lord You Know. . .

Three-Word Prayers of Adoration, Supplication & Affirmation
by Sheree Y. Jones (Author)
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Lord, You Know . . . Three-Word Prayers of Adoration, Supplication, and Affirmation is a multi-sensory prayer devotional. Readers are invited to participate in the daily exercise of reciting a three-word prayer, reading the accompanying devotion, completing a creative reflection activity, and listening to an inspirational song that underscores the prayer’s theme.
Although Shéree Jones hopes to engage the total person in the act of prayer, her main goal is to simplify and demystify prayer. By encapsulating a prayer request into just 3-words, she demonstrates the power of simplicity in urgent prayer. The prayers are relevant for everyone–from the novice believer to the seasoned saint. The simple yet profound language of the 3-word prayers encourages readers to establish a more intimate relationship with God.
The book’s three sections organize its content as prayers of adoration, supplication, and affirmation. The prayers in each help the reader show love for God, make petitions known to God, and affirm what we already have experienced with God.
Lord, You Know . . . gets straight to the heart of the matter, making it easy to read but hard to put down.

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May 17, 2022
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