On Beauty of Artworks as Aesthetic True Representations of Reality

A Collection of Pragmaticist Inquires into the Epistemology of Artistic Creation and Evaluation of Artworks
by Dan Nesher (Author)
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This book is aimed to explain the creation of artworks and their evaluation, and offers a new concept of aesthetics and beauty of artworks. Following and reconstructing Peircean realist epistemology, Aesthetics is one of the three normative sciences, along with Logic (Theoretic) and Ethics, which are the three different modes of representing reality. Aesthetics is the mode of artistic representation of reality, and the created artworks are judged beautiful when proven as an aesthetic true representation of reality. Artists aim to represent reality truly, and hence, beautifully, in order to enhance our knowledge of it and to afford us insights on how to better conduct our life in society.

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May 03, 2022
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