Charlie and the Germ

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Charlie and the Germ is a delightful story designed to help children and the significant people in their lives to better understand the many feelings that a child experiences and how to help a child manage those feelings.

When Icky the Germ is an unwelcomed visitor to Puppy Ville causing many dogs to get sick, the puppies and dogs that live there become frightened. Charlie, a loveable puppy, takes the challenge to help save Puppy Ville from this unwanted visitor. But because Charlie can no longer do the things he loves, he begins to have big feelings that rumble and tumble inside of him. The more these feelings rumble and tumble, the more Charlie mumbles and grumbles, until the feelings spill out causing Charlie to make bad choices.

Come travel Charlie’s emotional journey as he learns how to stay safe and happy in his world.

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10 mai 2022
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