The Hydrogen Economy

Fundamentals, Technology, Economics
by Duncan Seddon (Author)
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The 'Hydrogen Economy' is very broad subject ranging from the potential use of hydrogen for domestic use to the mass production of hydrogen replacing coal, natural gas (LNG) and conventional transport fuels.For any given project, there are many alternatives to consider for each stage of making, storing and transporting hydrogen. The book aims to assist proponents, and financiers of hydrogen projects to identify the optimum alternatives and identify hurdles and approaches to overcome them. This book attempts to describe an optimum approach to implement and its cost. It sets out to identify hurdles to implementation which may not be apparent to those entering the field for the first time.The book covers the various means and costs of production from fossil fuels (with carbon capture) – blue hydrogen – electrolysis – green hydrogen – or biomass. The book covers hydrogen storage as liquid or compressed gas and transport, through pipelines as liquid or by an intermediary fluid such as ammonia or a hydrocarbon. The book also discusses the production and costs of hydrogen delivery at the user end of a logistics chain. It also compares the relative energy value of energy delivered hydrogen versus the current suite of conventional fuels.Contents:

  • The Market for Hydrogen
  • Methods of Hydrogen Production
  • The Cost of Hydrogen Production From Fossil Fuels
  • The Production of Hydrogen From Renewable Sources
  • Hydrogen Storage and Transport
  • The Mass Shipping of Hydrogen
  • Competitive Position of Hydrogen Versus Fossil Fuels
  • Case Studies for the Hydrogen Economy
Readership: Academics, professionals and researchers in industrial chemistry, environmental economics/energy economics, chemical engineering, innovation/technology/knowledge management, energy studies and inorganic chemistry.Hydrogen Production Economics;Costs;Technology;Fossil Fuels;Renewable Sources;Coal;Natural Gas;Biomass;Electrolysis;Storage;Shipping;Transport;Competition;Solar;Remote Production;Carbon Capture and Storage;Liquefacation;Ammonia;Toluene;Logistics0Key Features:
  • The book uniquely focuses on the economics of the mass production of hydrogen and facilities cost estimation and critical comparison of alternative hydrogen delivery strategies

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April 19, 2022
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