You've Got This

A Student’s Guide to Well-being at University and Beyond
by Rachael Alexander (Author)
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You can take control of your well-being and mental health.

Student life can be overwhelming, with so many issues to deal with including living away from home, workload, deadlines and exams, family pressures and challenging relationships. It is not surprising that you might struggle to cope sometimes. But there are simple and effective ways that you can take ownership of your mental health, meaning you stay stress free, enjoy your university experience and achieve academic success.

This book guides you through your student journey from preparing to go to college or university, managing the academic pressures, finding a job, and everything in-between. Relevant scenarios are presented, linked to a series of topics that explore the challenges you might experience, along with self-enquiry reflections which help you to apply the theory to your own experience and key take-aways. The approaches and strategies outlined will help you improve your academic performance, enhance your social skills, learn to manage your emotions, reduce your anxieties, and help you to think in more empowering ways.

Combining practical psychological and spiritual guidance, You’ve Got This is written in a down to earth, jargon-free way, helping you, the reader take responsibility over the most important thing of all – the way you think.

Examples of topics covered:

  • I am homesick and feel lonely

  • I feel like I don’t fit in

  • I feel anxious about attending lectures

  • I am scared to admit I am struggling at university

  • I feel anxious about submitting my work

  • I am worried if I don’t get good grades, I won’t get a good job

  • I don’t like attending lectures

  • Why do I struggle with my mental health?

  • I think I may have an eating disorder

With over 100 topics providing solutions to common challenges faced by the university student, this book is a preventative tool, helping the student stay emotionally balanced allowing academic success.

"...This book provides the kind of advice academic staff would want to offer if they could and gives boundless reassurance to parents who might be ‘too’ close to be able to help at the time. Perhaps most importantly, it offers students an immediate sense of not being alone, not being the only person to experience such fears, anxieties and stresses and instils the capacity to deal with the in ways that will, hopefully, provide them with learning for life." Professor Jonathan Parker, Bournemouth University



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April 18, 2022
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