Suicide Saved My Life

An Intriguing Inspirational Bible About Overcoming Addictive Behaviors
by ,Heaven (Author)
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Suicide Saved My Life will most certainly take its readers on an intense and out of this world type of journey into the death of Sasha Jean Woolf. A child born into a world governed by unjust caretakers, power driven authority and a bloodline cursed, her only way out of this life was through what she thought would be her death, but this God that she had not known had other plans in mind. This intriguing and suspenseful read will follow the road less traveled that lead Sasha into the darkest hells of her life. Sasha's life would be taken by God himself only to get her to a place that she would have never dreamed of.

Sasha was dying and the only thing that would save her life would be for her to depend on an entity in which she didn't believe existed. She would have to fight, forgive and deny her will in order to end up on the other side of a place in where she hadn't known. Did people still hear God's voice? Was Sasha losing her mind? Sasha would soon find out that losing what she called her life would be the only way to gain a perspective on what dying was really like.

Sasha would be faced with the demons of her family's past and present in order to save the future of what yet didn't exist. Witness her journey in the battle of her flesh and see who would come out victorious. Was the bible real? Did God exist beyond what the world had taught her about him? God had called her, but would she answer? Sasha was given a way out by a god in who she didn't know. She would have to face hell in order to make it to heaven. Let's read and see if dying could actually save a person's life.

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April 14, 2022
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