Summary of Jake Adelstein's Tokyo Vice

by   Everest Media (Author)
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 I had come with backup, a low-ranking cop formerly assigned to the Anti–Organized Crime Task Force in Saitama Prefecture. Chiaki Sekiguchi. He was a little taller than I, almost as dark, thickset with deep-set eyes and a 1950s Elvis haircut. He was mistaken for a yakuza a lot.

#2 I was ready to leave my job, but not like this. I had only enough information to have gotten me into this unpleasant face-off with Goto. I didn’t have all the facts yet, but I couldn’t let them know that.

#3 The enforcer tried to scare me into leaving the newspaper, but instead I decided to stay and find out what Goto was afraid of. I had to wait a year or two, but I was able to return to doing what I loved.

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April 17, 2022
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