The Cyber Meta-Reality

Beyond the Metaverse
di Joshua A. Sipper (Autore)
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As one begins to explore the many complexities of quantum computing, nanotechnology, and AI, it becomes clear that there is an underlying reality within cyberspace that is comprised of other realities and that these realities all have their own biomes, ecosystems, and microbiomes built on information, energy, and human creative reality and potential. It is clear that there has not been much research on this , especially the piece dealing with the cyber microbiome, which looks at the part of the iceberg that is “under the surface” and makes up most of cyberspace, much like how our human microbiome is many orders of magnitude larger than our human cells. The microbiome is extremely important from the perspective of how to treat diseases in humans, especially bacterial infections. The same is true for how to treat “diseases” in the cyber meta-reality. Thus, knowing all we can about the cyber meta-reality, biome, and microbiome is absolutely necessary in ensuring this world’s growth, care, and flourishing.

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04 aprile 2022
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