Hamid Bey

Mind over Mystery
by Peter Wehle (Author)
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This eBook is in the genre of creative nonfiction. It is based on the autobiography of Hamid Bey which was written by Hamid Bey titled..."My Life Preceding 5,000 burials." So, my eBook is my creative imagination in telling the dramatic story of the life of Master Hamid Bey who could control his heartbeat to 3 beats per minute and could put himself in a trance, "Suspended Animation." This is how he was able to be buried alive and come out breathing just like you and me. Bey also was able to stick pins in his body with no visible marks to be left and he appeared on old "Ed Sullivan Show" to demonstrate his ability to withstand weight when he had Mr. Sullivan stand on his body while he laid on a bed of nails.

I am hoping that this eBook will reach millions of listeners so that people will know of the power of the mind as performed by Master Hamid Bey. This also available in audiobook format, please visit www.thecopticcenter.org.

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March 10, 2022
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