Money Hacks

Because everything you think you know about money is wrong
by Larry Steinhouse (Author)
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Larry Steinhouse’s passion for investing in profitable properties, lucrative stock options, and teaching others how to generate wealth has motivated him to share Money Hacks with anyone looking to build a more secure and financially profitable future. Steinhouse is known for his unique approach to money—an approach that, on the surface, seems to be in complete opposition of today’s popular financial counselors. And yet, his strategies have proven to be the best-kept secrets of the super-rich that have made many people wealthy and are still making people rich today.

Money Hacks uncovers the mystery of money with Larry Steinhouse’s simple, profitable, and easy-to-follow strategies. Motivated individuals will learn how buy properties without investing any of their own money and how to obtain huge lines of credit while building up their credit scores and their net worth. Steinhouse explains how LLC's and trusts can protect one’s wealth from excessive taxation and how to leverage an IRA and/or Roth IRA for huge profits, as well as how the stock market really works.

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April 05, 2022
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