The Constitution Explained

A Guide for Every American
by David L. Hudson (Author)
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  • Written in plain English, an in-depth primer on the U.S. Constitution from a Constitutional law professor
  • A fascinating and insightful journey through the creation, ratification, and interpretation of the Constitution
  • Written for and aimed at general audiences
  • Wonderful for learning about American history
  • Ideal as a civics resource with its engaging information and fun facts
  • Logical organization makes finding information quick and easy
  • Clear and concise answers
  • Numerous black-and-white photographs
  • Thoroughly indexed
  • Glossary of terms and definitions
  • Authoritative resource
  • Written to appeal to anyone interested in civics, the American government, and history
  • Publicity and promotion aimed at the wide array of websites devoted to science, history, and education
  • Back-to-school promotion targeting more mainstream media and websites on a popular topic
  • Promotion targeting magazines and newspapers
  • Promotion targeting local radio looking for knowledgeable guests

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    June 14, 2022
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