Alzheimer's Disease: Biology, Biophysics And Computational Models

Biology, Biophysics and Computational Models
by Don Kulasiri (Author), Jingyi Liang (Author)
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Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the leading cause of dementia and, unfortunately, remains incurable. The social, emotional and financial implications of AD are immeasurable, and about 47 million people worldwide are affected by AD or other forms of dementia. As lifespans are improved by healthcare systems worldwide, age-associated neurodegenerative diseases are imposing an increasing challenge to science. It is becoming imperative for us to understand the causes of these diseases, AD in particular, at molecular and cellular levels. Starting with the broader picture from a biological perspective, this book takes the reader through fascinating dynamics within and outside of neurons in the brain.Alzheimer's Disease: Biology, Biophysics and Computational Models helps the reader to understand AD from mechanistic and biochemical perspectives at intra- and inter-cellular levels. It focuses on biochemical pathways and modeling associated with AD. Some of the recent research on biophysics and computational models related to AD are explained using context-driven computational and mathematical modeling and essential biology is discussed to understand the modeling research.

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January 06, 2022
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