Guerrilla Marketing Volume 2

Advertising and Marketing Definitions, Ideas, Tactics, Examples, and Campaigns to Inspire Your Business Success
by Jay Conrad Levinson (Author), Jason Myers (Author), Merrilee Kimble (Author)
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Jason Myers and Merrilee Kimble ask the simple question: Will you act and succeed, or will you fold?

In Guerrilla Marketing Volume 1, Jason Myers and Merrilee Kimble reviewed the strong foundational elements of Guerrilla Marketing. They provide a summary at the beginning of Guerrilla Marketing Volume 2 that is a great refresher for those who are currently using Guerrilla Marketing tactics in their businesses, and a good overview for those who are new to Guerrilla Marketing. Guerrilla Marketing Volume 2 includes many Guerrilla Marketing tools, tactics, and tips to give readers even more options to choose from. Jason and Merrilee are thrilled to continue Jay Conrad Levison’s vision and are thrilled for the profits readers will generate in the pages that follow.

For those who are new to Guerrilla Marketing or want to learn more, Jason and Merrilee offer a FREE online companion course (visit to help readers build their rock-solid Guerrilla Marketing foundation. In the companion course, they’ll dive deeper with video tutorials, exercises, and the tools readers need to build that crucial foundation from which their Guerrilla Marketing success will be born. The remaining sections of Guerrilla Marketing Volume 2 share today’s Guerrilla Marketing tactics, tools, and tips which are options that every business needs to succeed and generate profits. Readers will find a toolbox of information and resources to choose from to build a strong Guerrilla business and drive their competition mad.

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March 01, 2022
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