Bad Trips

How I Went from VICE Reporter to International Drug Smuggler
by Slava Pastuk (Author), Brian Whitney (Author)
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  • The well-publicized story of the VICE music reporter who was caught smuggling cocaine, written by the man himself, uncovering the culture at VICE magazine that led to drug smuggling ring

  • Slava Pastuk is currently incarcerated for conspiring to import drugs from U.S. to Australia; he is expected to be on parole when the book is released

  • A very honest, open account of drug smuggling and the conditions working for VICE; for example, the office always had an open drinks bar and cases of beer were free for the taking, drug-use was widespread, and reporters were encouraged to go over-the-top for their stories

  • A story about the age of the hipster: without morals, politics, to the point of nihilism

  • Similar to confessional true crime stories, such as the bestseller Mr. Nice by Howard Marks

  • All royalties from the book go to co-author Brian Whitney, who is a popular true-crime writer

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April 05, 2022
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