The Blooming Day

by Paul Fusca (Author)
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Clouds, a rare trait that only one of one hundred thousand people possess, affect the world everyday. Whether it’s in politics, sports, or even personal affairs, the abnormal idea of clouds changes everyone’s lives, especially those in the city of Velindas. Home to some of the world’s finest attractions, such as fancy hotels, bright shopping districts, and bustling streets, the big city of Velindas never rests. However, it is also home to the world’s most notorious gang of criminals, Rose.
When Kuril, a seemingly mysterious citizen of Velindas, gets caught up with a Rose member, he joins forces with the city’s most famous detective, Junil, in order to put an end to the gang. As the two vow to take down Rose, they realize that their lives are more interconnected with the gang than it may seem, and that a fragile, blind girl may link everyone together.

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January 21, 2022
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