A Broken Crayon Still Colors

A Broken Crayon Still Colors

by Danielle Mazzilli (Author), Fatmeh Parishani (Illustrator)
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With her grown-ups going through a divorce, a young girl is having a difficult time drawing a family portrait. She questions how she can draw her family if her grown-ups aren’t living together anymore. Told from the perspective of a supportive box of crayons, this lyrical tale addresses the emotions often associated with divorce. With messages of reassurance, encouragement, and the affirmation that “a broken crayon still colors,” the crayons help the young girl navigate her feelings throughout the years, watching as her family portrait continues to grow and grow. The young girl is reminded that those spaces she once left on her portrait were to be filled by those that love her, including her new bonus family. A Broken Crayon Still Colors brings readers on a heartwarming, child-centered journey through acknowledging the complexities of divorce, and celebrating the joys of blended families.

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January 21, 2022
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