Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

de Meera Bagal (Auteur)
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The story book idea came to me when I stayed home during Covid-19 time. The park in front of my house used be filled with lots of people especially children. I used to hear them laughing, talking, enjoying the swings and slides. All of a sudden Covid stopped it all. Curfew made the park empty. I started to wondering how kids must be feeling. All day staying indoors, especially those that lived in tiny places. I felt sad for them. Then I thought of writing a happy book and distribute it free of cost to kids who could not afford to buy them. I was inspired to write happy ending stories to cheer them. This is the beginning of my story writing inspiration. Needless to say my mother wrote 3 books at the age of 94. She has always been my idol.

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20 janvier 2022
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