Emerge Mindfully

Less Stress and More Joy from Difficult Times
de Michel E. Spruance (Auteur)
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What if you could feel less stressed in the next two minutes? What if simple, easy-to-use tools could help you feel more joyful right now? What if you could stop reacting and start making choices based on what matters to you?

In Emerge Mindfully, author Michel E. Spruance offers an actionable handbook designed to show you how to harness the power of your innate wisdom to create a life with less stress and more joy. Formulated as a toolkit to help people emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, these tools will serve you at any juncture in your life. You’ll discern your body’s signals, get clear on what you want, set healthy boundaries, and commit to your well-being and joy.

These simple, easy-to-use tools offer an effective antidote to the stress response, leaving you energized and empowered. Emerge Mindfully will compassionately move you through difficult times into a new, healthy normal with less stress and more joy.

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Date de publication
20 janvier 2022
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