Leland & Jacqueline Bolt

by Leland Emet Bolt Sr (Author)
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This book is in honor of Jacqueline Bolt. She was born Jacqueline Joyce Barker in Cocoa, Florida, and grew up in the Florida Panhandle. Leland Emet (Lee) Bolt, the author, was born in Payette, Idaho. It was a wonder they even met. This is the story of their family, history, and travels.
Jacqueline’s sister, Hazel, was married to a Naval Officer, who was executive officer of the navy torpedo station in Newport, Rhode Island. While Jacqueline was visiting in July 1950, Lee was assigned a ship home ported in Newport and met Jacqueline. He knew this was the girl for him, and by Christmas, they were engaged. They married in 1952.
Jacqueline was the most wonderful wife and mother. She was the guiding light when Lee was away on deployments (Korea and Vietnam), operational commitments, and business trips. She closely monitored the boys’ school curriculum and work. She taught them respect and manners. Says Lee, “Our children and I are so thankful that this wonderful girl was a loving strong example and guiding parent. She ensured that the boys became strong swimmers and could tap dance!”

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