Prerequisite for Suicide

by TacMam,Howqunia (Author)
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I hope this is a great book for you. For me, this is my life. It’s kind of hard to believe that so many terrible things can happen to one person. My whole life I’ve been falling literally and figuratively. I was molested as an infant by a toddler, and during elementary years I became a molester.

I used to be a stripper, with many grocery bags full of rubber bands wrapped around stacks of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I kept it under my bed. Then, I ended up broke and homeless. How did that happen? How does a person with seven siblings have no family? How does a person who is giving, loving, and loyal, have no friends?

The answer to those questions and much more, including the most popular question that people have the nerve to ask me all the time, “Why you don’t smile?” Which you will find out in this book.

You will also learn about me being teased, bullied, neglected, molested, raped, and my anxiety, depression, rickets, pica, my stay in a mental hospital, my dysfunctional “family,” my almost fatal experience donating plasma, and my life in the adult industry. Mostly while dealing with suicidal thoughts. Also, learn about homosexuality and see who is disloyal, unfaithful, and who commits arson and murder.

If you know someone who struggles with suicidal thoughts, maybe this will help you, help them. Maybe you can be inspired by someone who is suicidal now and has been on and off for years, and suicide runs in the “family,” yet I am still alive. Maybe someone reading this can prevent the suicide of their friend or family member. 

A lot of the times when someone commits suicide, the main people crying are the ones who caused it, or at least, did not help. They say, “There were no signs.” When their entire life was one big sign. Their life was a Prerequisite For Suicide.

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January 21, 2022
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