Incarcerated Son

by Hill,Cora Fleeta (Author)
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These pages may not entertain you; however, one may feel empathy for the contents. People tend not to speak about their son being in jail. Life's hidden little secret.

Mothers and families do not feel comfortable sharing these hurtful stories and lawbreaking experiences. I definitely stepped completely out of my comfort zone to reveal the contents of my real-life journal. People will judge and criticize me. My incarcerated son has consumed my life totally. It has negative impacts on my health, friends, and family. Physically, as well as mentally, I feel all used up.

This book is a true-life journal for others to relate to. Perhaps headed down the path of destruction. Also for those who support incarcerated sons with letters, money on the books, phone calls, and visitations. There are two sides to this painful story--there is the struggle to get through day by day and the underlying issues. The reader can decide which one directly or indirectly impacts the life of the incarcerated son.

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January 20, 2022
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