Let's play with words… On the road

Let's play with words… On the road

by Darinka Kobal (Author), Polona Kosec (Illustrator)
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From 4 years old

Discover all the vocabulary related to travel and memorise it thanks to thorough descriptions and detailed pictures!

The “Let's play with words” collection gathers illustrated ebooks for children, which aim to make them learn essential words on varied topics.


A car is a vehicle with four wheels that is used for transportation. Before the driver sets off, all passengers, driver included, must wear a seat belt. The driver turns on the headlights, takes hold of the steering wheel with both hands, and sets off. He cleans car windows at the petrol station and fills the tank with petrol. But there are also electric cars.


"Let's play with words" is a fun collection of e-books that promotes literacy and vocabulary acquisition on popular subjects taken from the world around us. Each book includes several short chapters on the subject at hand aimed at learning specific words through pictures, and includes the fully written texts as a guide at the back. For more advanced practice, young readers can also make up their own stories by following the pictures only, in such a way consolidating their vocabulary using their own words. The books are a useful source of learning specific vocabulary for native English speakers as well as learners of English – of all ages !

In the "Let's play with words" series :
The Birds
The Bees
On the farm
In the garden
In the forest


Darinka Kobal began her career as a teacher at secondary level. After a fateful encounter with a bear, which left her with a severely injured hand, she had to give up teaching. In order to not lose touch with children, she began to write fairy tales. She has been delighting young readers with her tales throughout Slovenia for many years now.

Polona Kosec is an illustrator working in illustration and character design for children’s books and magazines, as well as short commercial animation. In that sense, as she says herself, she is still a little girl creating magical worlds with colours.


Okaši is a Slovenian publisher with a vibrant programme.
At every turn, nature reveals its new face and discloses a myriad of secrets. This is why we have devoted a special place to it in our publishing house. We are the creators of books that delight curious children and their parents in their discoveries of nature : in the home garden and the nearby park, but also further afield, in the fields and forests.
At Okaši we keep pace with the times which is why have embarked upon several electronic editions of our books. We have added sound to these publications and hence a new dimension to the contents already there.

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July 09, 2015
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