MIAS Architects at Centre Pompidou

MIAS Architects at Centre Pompidou

de Josep Miàs (Auteur)
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"As a kid who wanted to be an architect you could either make clay shapes, drag pieces of driftwood into vague boxes—or put together Meccano cages. I followed the last option and surely so did Josep Miás". --Peter Cook

Tracing through the pieces being published, you sense that Josep Miás is essentially a man who takes strips and edges and develops them into meshes, and then maybe combs, and then maybe honeycombs with a conspicuously boyish delight in making the sketch, the linear diagram, the scale model and the built building. Underlying the apparently fearless is a sense of what can fly, swing, lurch, lean or rest: in other words the composite that makes something possible to be as it is in space.

MiAS Architects is an internationally recognized Architecture and Urbanism Studio, founded by Josep Miás in 2000, known for both its innovative experimental projects and its practice combining sustainable technology, innovative manufacturing and cutting edge construction practices.

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12 janvier 2022
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