MinuteEarth Explains

STEM for Kids ― Fun for Kids (Ages 8-10)

#1 New Release in Children's Books: Environment & Ecology, Atlases, Anatomy, and Earthquake & Volcano

In their debut illustrated science book for kids, the team behind the popular YouTube channel MinuteEarth answers all of your child’s wackiest questions about animals, nature, and science alongside engaging images of the natural world.

From the scientists, writers, and illustrators at MinuteEarth. Have you ever wondered where Earth’s water came from? Or why leaves change color in the fall? Entertain and educate your kids with fun facts about animals, nature and the wonders of the earth.

Amazing STEM for kids, explained simply. With over 300 million views, MinuteEarth simplifies such serious subjects as geology, ecology and biology making them fun for kids. Featuring their signature puns and fun illustrations, this first book in the MinuteEarth Explains series explores topics ranging from weird animal facts to extreme weather, making science for kids enjoyable and unforgettable.

Curious questions about our awesome planet. Whether your child is obsessed with the wonder of nature, can’t learn enough interesting facts about animals, or is fascinated by volcanoes, MinuteEarth Explains captures their imagination and fosters an interest in animals, the Earth, and ocean life! By combining humor with rigorous research, this book provides fun facts about animals, nature, science and more in an equally engaging and informative way for kids.

MinuteEarth Explains captivates kids with answers to:

  • Why do some animals get gigantic?
  • Why do rivers curve?
  • Can plants talk?
  • How much food is there on earth?
  • And more!

If you’re looking for nature books for kids (8-10) or earth science books for kids―or if your child loves books such as The Big Book of BirdsWhy?: 1,111 Answers to Everything, or The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth―then your whole family will love this debut book by MinuteEarth!

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November 09, 2021
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