Viking Knits and Ancient Ornaments

Interlace Patterns from Around the World in Modern Knitwear
by Elsebeth Lavold (Author)
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Traditional knot and interlace patterns, combined to form uniquely striking contemporary designs.

Ever since her ground-breaking book Viking Patterns for Knitting was published, Elsebeth Lavold has been recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on cabling. It was within the pages of her international bestseller—described as “an indispensable milestone in 20th century knitting literature”—that Lavold first introduced the world to her own innovation: using lifted increases to create interlace patterns, and bringing new life to the ornamental heritage of the Vikings as adornment on modern knitwear.

In the years since, Lavold has sought new ideas and “design cousins” to Viking patterns to explore with her needles, and has undertaken a fascinating journey through archives, museums, libraries, and the internet. In more than a decade of continued research, she has studied cultures from all over the globe in search of similar types of ornamental expression, creating the foundation for this exciting new book: a glorious collection rich in imagery, history, patterns, and designs.

  • Dozens of different sources of inspiration, catalogued and placed within their cultural and historical context, from all around the world.

  • Complete, step-by-step instructions for an abundance of fresh and stunningly beautiful knit designs, presented in the book with full-color photographs.

  • Lavold’s own painstaking analysis of a huge number of interlace motif types, displayed in both swatch and chart form, to allow you to compose your own patterns based on her research.

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Anders Rydell (Other contributor)
Publication date
October 30, 2021
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