Granny's Kingdom

by Aiken,C. G. (Author)
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Granny’s Kingdom is a story about a queen who is also the grandmother of the princes and Princess Sharida. They all live in a beautiful castle. Princess Sharida is faced with loneliness. There is going to be a new addition. How will the princes and Princess Sharida deal with it? Granny to the rescue! Can her wisdom, values, compassion, and love help the princes and Princess Sharida? Will Granny live by her quote, “Every granny has a kingdom, but in granny’s kingdom there is nothing but love?”

This book is dedicated to all the grandmas, grannies, Nanna, Grammy, and whatever you may call your grandmother. They are important in our lives as children to help shape us into good adults in our homes, schools, and communities. Their Christian values give us faith when we cannot see our way through life experiences.

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October 14, 2021
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