Soulmates Journey to Heaven

di Thomas 'n DiAnnie (Autore)
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True enjoyment is when you have someone that pours out their heart to you—realizing that our being together isn’t just by accident. The Holy Spirit is the strength of the cord in God’s love for marriage without one harsh word.

As stated in the Lord’s prayer, “On earth, as it is in heaven.” Not only do Thomas and DiAnnie have many things in common and complement each other spiritually. They are continuously learning about one another and teaching and changing through their daily communication. DiAnnie’s mother is a widow. DiAnnie being fatherless at the age of 14 years young. Unfortunately, DiAnnie and her mother, Anna, are the only family they have.

DiAnnie has been caring for her mother, who suffers from depression. The first thing, DiAnnie’s mother said without knowing Thomas. “Respect him.” A mother’s intuition very early on in their relationship still astounds Thomas, one year since they first met online.

God’s love, A beautiful dream that you have, and when you wake up, it disappears, or you come to the understanding that it was only a dream. The miracles are revealed through a dimension of God’s love that cannot be explained, imagined, or understood. All the languages in the world, deeper than all the oceans, and as far as the eye can see. The mind cannot understand and does not even scratch the surface of God’s love for his children.

Thomas and DiAnnie devote their lives to God and service, through spiritual discernment to help others, not-for-profit or prestige, proceeds donated. God willing, God’s love revealed slowly will help many others get to heaven, informing the world of this love, miraculously given through the grace of God.

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