The Adventures of “Carolina Moon”

de Carolyn B. Dawson (Autor)
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Contained within these pages are the true-life stories of an African American family conditioned by racism, but inspired by love, heartbreak, courage and resilience, told through the eyes of a daughter. There are extraordinary narratives about ordinary, and some not so ordinary people, that you may not have ever heard. If these stories were accessible to you, wouldn’t you want to hear them? For instance, like the expression of art, or the art of conversation where participants share information. If not, would this mean that these narratives aren’t entertaining or valid? I am the descendent of African Slaves from South Carolina, but eminence before that. This information was not included in my educational curriculum growing up in the United States, I had to find it out for myself. In a quest for additional knowledge and understanding, thereof. I have journeyed back to Africa, traveled abroad to Europe, visited California, Mexico, and several Caribbean Islands including but not limited to Barbados and Puerto Rico. What I found was Myself. These stories emerge and continue to influence my world view, unknowingly to many, an original view. As a former English Professor, and writer, it is my mission to recount such stories adding splendor and authenticity to the fabric of world history.

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23 de septiembre de 2021
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